Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mommy, can I clean my room?

I kid you not, these words came out of my daughter's mouth today. It's actually not all that uncommon to hear those words! I love this little girl!!!!

Let me explain the outfit...

...the piggy ears...found while cleaning her room (which she really did all by herself)

...this is her favorite outfit from Christmas and she insists on wearing it every Sunday to church. You don't quite get the full impact in this sparkly tights, a velvet/crinoline skirt, a red sparkly sweater, her favorite "snowman" necklace and her black "dancing" shoes (it is ridiculously dressy for our very casual church).

If she could, she'd wear a dress EVERY DAY. (I, on the other hand, wear a dress about once every 3 years and that's too much for me.)

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Tammie said...

OMG! I need to have Elise visit us here. Perhaps she could explain to Erin that dresses are not evil. Then again, I'd be happy if she could explain to Erin why a neat & clean room is better than what I view on a daily basis.

BTW, I love her outfit!