Tuesday, February 24, 2009


...how getting the District Supt involved changes the response!

I've mentioned that this has been a tough year for Carson is many different ways, all of which center around school. It's mostly been me dealing with the issues because my time at work is a more flexible than Perry's and I work 2 miles from Carson's school. So, when there is a problem, the school only sees/hears from me. And I think they've gotten to the point of just dismissing my concerns.

A little about the school...Carson's teacher is new to the district and appears to be all of about 12 years old. The principal is a new principal and is all of 13. The assistant principal is younger yet at about 11. OK, so I'm showing my age, but seriously, they do appear to be quite young to my well seasoned eyes.

And I'm learning that, ahem, maturity brings about a different perspective and allows one to have a more developed set of skills to deal with problems.

That "maturity" (in terms of age) is lacking in the current leadership of this school.

Now, in my defense, I will note that we've NEVER had problems with the schools in this district. Never! We've always had the highest quality, most caring, professional, fun loving teachers and administrators. So, that's what I've come to expect. I've always had the highest level of respect for the teachers and administers that have touched my childrens' lives so far.

Fast forward to today...my head is bloodied from beating it against a brick wall so often this year...Perry got TICKED OFF about Carson's arm and the fact that he wasn't allowed to go to the nurse. Now, those of you that know Perry know that it takes A LOT for him to get ticked. Even more for him to act on his anger. But today, he sent a strongly worded letter to the Superintendent informing him of the situation (while mentioning that he is a health teacher and athletic trainer and that we are not interested in legal action...we live in what has been called a "judicial cesspool" for the number of class action cases filed here....only ensuring this doesn't happen to another child in the district).

And the Superintendent immediately responded that he would look into it.

Now comes the very interesting part....the tone of messages we've received from Carson's teacher has completely changed since the Supt. started "looking into it". Much more conciliatory and willing to step up to the plate to help Carson.

Sadly, it shouldn't have had to come to this. I'm sure I still have the reputation of being a unsatisfiable complaining parent with this principal and teacher. But, I need be assured that my children are in a constructive learning environment where the teacher is responding to their needs, be those needs emotional (not feeling like the teacher dislikes them), educational or physical.

Sigh...It's been an emotionally long few days. Hopefully Carson's arm will heal quickly and we can put this behind us. Because, as a, ahem, mature parent, I don't have the brain cells to hold a grudge. Hopefully, the young whippersnappers in the school can move on as well. :)


Super Mommy said...

Wow is all I can say. At least NOW they are doing something.

One of Jade's teachers is also about 12 (well, maybe 14) and she is not handling things so well either. I have been less than impressed with the way she handles her classroom and "issues." I haven't gone to the principal - yet. I keep thinking we have two more months and that's it!

Tammie said...

I am so sorry that it had to come down to Perry getting involved. I can't begin to imagine him getting angry. OTOH, maybe it's a good thing he did since you weren't making any headway.

Vivian M said...

Maybe from now on they will take all parents seriously. Because if it happened to you, I am sure you were not the only one.
And GO PERRY!!!!