Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Let me introduce Izzy. Izzy is currently vacationing at our house since his home is for sale and apparently some home buyers don't care for a dog greeting you when you arrive to view a house. So, until my sister's family moves into their new home or they get a contract on their current home, Izzy is having a extended vacation with us.
Izzy showed up on our doorsteps in the days after bringing Elise home. (Do you see a pattern here of dogs showing up on our doorsteps....that's how Trixie joined our family this summer.) Carson fell immediately in love with this sweet dog who apparently had no home and so wanted to keep her.
I was OVERWHELMED with 2 children, including my adorable new baby girl who I was convinced would never ever sleep through a night without horrible screaming nightmares. And, we already had 2 dogs. I thought adding another dog to my plate would completely hurl me over the edge of sanity.
But, I did agree that he was a very sweet dog and deserved a loving home.
Luckily, my sister and her then-hubs were considering adding a dog to their family. We got Izzy all ready to join a family (fixed, sorry dude, and updated shots) and delivered him to my sister's family where he had a wonderful and lazy life.
Izzy had come to visit our home off and on ever since. He's always welcome and typically comes to visit when my sister's family goes on vacation.
Our doggies love having another buddy around. Carson has a special bond with Izzy since he was the one who originally found him.
For the next weeks, we'll be a 3-dog family and will love every minute of it!


Vivian M said...

Izzy is beautiful!

Tammie said...

1 husband, 2 kids & 3 dogs. You are a brave woman. Izzy is totally adorable.

Super Mommy said...

Izzy looks like a sweet dog! Enjoy her!

I've given you an award . . . check my blog.