Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pinewood Derby

Today was Carson's annual Pinewood Derby with Cub Scouts. This is his 4th year racing and he takes it pretty seriously (I'm not sure who takes it more seriously...Carson or his dad!)

Carson had to tweak his weights before he could sign in his car. It has to be so many grams and they try to get it as close to the weight limit as possible without going over. Carson's car finally can .5 grams under the limit.

Here are the cars in Carson's group. Don't ya love the bubble wrap they are resting on?!? They even had a bubble-wrap lined box that they used to carry the cars from one of the race track to the other. Pretty precious cargo, I guess. Carson's car is the 3rd one on the left.

Each car races on each track once, so they go through several rounds to ensure they've cycled all the cars properly. Here's the starting gate.

And here are some of Carson's friends anxiously waiting at the finish line. Carson's car finished 4th year and does not move on to the district races. He didn't seem too disappointed and had a great time with his friends.

And for the diehard derby fans out there (grandma, omi and opi!), here is a video showing one race with Carson's car.
Now will begin the job of plotting out the car design for next year.


Super Mommy said...

Awesome! When Jade was in AWANA through church they had the derbys too - she didn't want to participate in them though - not girlie enough for her! The boys certainly seemed to enjoy it!

Super Mommy said...
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Vivian M said...

That is pretty cool...I am amazed at how much detail goes into the cars!

The Morris Family said...

What a great job Carson and all his fellow scouts did! (it must be a pretty big deal- our local troops had their derby as well, and it made the front page of our paper)