Sunday, February 22, 2009

Elise's Outfits

Elise has always had an interest in her clothes and lets us know if we pick out an outfit that doesn't quite suit her taste.

She also ALWAYS wears a dress/skirt to church (even though the rest of us go in jeans).

This morning, we woke up a little too late to attend our normal early service so we ended up with some extra time to kill before the later service. Elise took advantage of that extra time by going through her closet.

This was the first outfit she picked out. Head to toe black. The skirt is about 3 sizes too long and drags on the floor like an Elvira-wannabe. I have a problem sending my 6 year old to church in black goth garb so I suggested she look for something less black.

This is the 2nd outfit she picked out. And in true fashionista style, she said to me as I was putting on her sweater, "just button only the top button, Mom." (Yes, there was a bit of exasperation in there implying that this fashion concept would be waaaayyyy over my head!)
If she weren't so darn cute about it, she'd really scare me! :)


Super Mommy said...

Love it! She would so fit in at our house! She may just become a fashion designer or something Gretchen - don't stifle her style!! ;0)

The Morris Family said...

...seems like Elise loves fashion and has her own very defined sense of style,and that's a good thing... who day, women everywhere may be clamoring over her couture collections.

Vivian M said...

What a fashionista! I did not know about the top button thing, thanks for that tip Elise!

Tammie said...

Wow! Even I haven't heard that you should button only the top button. I guess I'm not on top of things?