Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Annie and the Garden

The two subjects of the title have nothing to do with the other. Just too lazy to post twice.

Elise's girl scout troop went to see Annie last night at the MUNY (an outdoor theater in St. Louis). Very fun, but we didn't get home until midnight. Elise has made some very strong friendships through her troop and it was fun to see some of the girls (and moms!) for a fun night out.

We're gearing up to head out to pick up Carson (yeah!!!). I decided to walk down and check on the garden before leaving town. Perry made these tomato cages this year to replace the ratty metal cages we'd used for years. We'd lose plants every year when they'd just topple over. My uncle had built some like this and Perry copied his design. So far, they've held up nicely. I don't think we'll have any toppled over plants this year. And they certainly look better than what I had been using. :)

I was amazed to see some really green tomatoes! Hopefully they'll be ready when we get home. The tags are long gone but I believe these are the Romas.

And I think this is a miniture bad-boy variety. Again, I have no idea. I plant little tiny ones, medium ones and big ones. I ~think~ this should be a big one when it grows up and lands on my plate.

Tee hee...Molly keeping watch over the garden.

Hey Mom, whatcha doing?!? Look, the peas are ready!!! Nothing like a break from swimming to eat a snack right out of the garden.

Molly is now watching for fallen treasures that she can eat!

Yummy! These are a few that made it into the house. I've actually never been able to use the sugar snap peas for anything because they get eaten so quickly right out of the garden.

And Elise just had to count the peas. Not only the pea pods, but the "bumps" in each pod. She's such my little student!
And....2.5 MORE DAYS UNTIL WE GET CARSON!!! Boy, I've missed that kid. Alot!


Super Mommy said...

That's neat the troop still gets together during the summer - ours pretty much scatters! I'm sure Annie was fun.

Love your garden - have you tried frying your green tomatoes? They are yummy!

Sandra said...

I really like those tomato cages. I need to show them to Matt; I know he will like them.

We LOVE snap peas at our house. Your garden looks great!

The Morris Family said...

What a special troop to do outings like that- Annie was the very first "broadway show" I saw as a youong girl at an outdoor theatre in the summer as well.
Holy Cow! Your garden is like something straight out of "Martha Stewart Living"- LOVE those cages and will definitely be showing them to my husband for next year!
Sugar snap peas- YUMMO!

Tammie said...

Hey! Can you email me a copy of the design for the tomato cages? Last year David used bamboo stakes but these look more sturdy.

Vivian M said...

Love the garden! Maybe some day I will try my hand at it.