Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Pictures

I'm taking an online Photoshop course and decided to play with a picture from the Adirondacks and Carson's cabin Bible verse from camp. I'm thinking of order this in a poster print for his newly revamped room.

We found these great falls near the mountain house we stayed in. It was so beautiful!

I love this picture of the kids. They got along for about an hour before the bickering started. :)

Carson climbed and ran over these wet rocks like they were nothing. I was too afraid of falling and do some serious damage to my bones!

What a trooper Elise was on this trip. So many things were about her brother, but she handled it well and had a great time.

I think my son grew a few more inches while he was gone. When do you think he'll finally be taller than me? Hopefully not this year.

Enjoying some male time. Mostly because I was too scared to climb up there and refused to let Elise try.


The Morris Family said...

Those are really great photos- especially love the one of you and Carson!

Tammie said...

You really do have a knack for taking great pictures Gretchen!

Vivian M said...

The pictures are fabulous - what pretty scenery!
I think Carson will be taller than you. Sorry!