Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kids with cameras

I think I've created a few photog monsters!

The kids kept clammoring to take pictures.

Which, on one hand, was nice because we actually got some pictures of Perry and me. Not a bad picture with the falls and Canada behind us and viewing dude looking over my shoulder.

Of course, there were a few where our heads were cut off. If nothing else, they've learned my lesson of take LOTS of pictures in the hopes you get one decent shot.

Not my favorite picture (I don't like any picture that includes me) because we were hot and sweaty from hiking. I also believe Perry is a little stressed about what he's seeing...which would be the child holding the camera and doing something that might endanger either the child or the camera.

This would have been a great shot...had my husband smiled. I think we both need to learn to relax a bit when the kids have the cameras. They've proven to be responsible and careful when using the cameras.

Although, sometimes you end up with odd pictures like the above. It's a picture of the dress I wore to my Grandmother's memorial service. Nice shot.

Or you end up with pictures of pictures. Guess the kids didn't realize that I actually have an original of this picture. But it was sweet that they thought to take a picture of it (and every picture that included them in the photo albums at her service...more pictures than I'll post here!)
It may be time to invest in an indestructible camera for each kid.


The Morris Family said...

You know, some of those shots your kids took were pretty good- (much better than the ones my husband takes!) ;)

Super Mommy said...

Cute - love the one where your hubby has his head cut off - looks like a shot I'd take!!

Tammie said...

I like the pictures of you & Perry. Allowing Carson & Elise to start early is a great idea.

I'll be handing my Canon over to Erin by Chanukah. Mama wants a new camera. :-)

Vivian M said...

I love seeing pictures taken from a child's perspecive!
And I like Tammie's idea, but Kerri is too young to handle my camera yet, drat!

RamblingMother said...

Good pics. My mother cuts the heads off people all. the. time. I am really trying to teach G better, heh.