Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Camp - from Carson's point of view

Carson is home!!! I'll recap his experience in another post but wanted to put up some of the pictures from his camera. We sent him with 2 disposable cameras and couldn't wait to see his pictures. He filled both cameras and was disappointed there were no one hour developing places in the mountains where we were staying.

Here is his entire cabin. This was the only "nice" shirt I sent, which was supposed to be worn on banquet night. This picture wasn't taken on banquet night. Carson's cousin Spencer is in the middle between the 2 counselors. Spence ended up getting swine flu, spent much of his time in isolation and left a day early. More on that in my post later.

The campers got to choose a hike and Carson selected Peak Mountain Pond as his hike of choice. It was a 2 day hike covering 8 miles. They camped overnight and experienced a bear raiding their food supply at camp. They actually left camp and came back for their supplies once the bear left the area. The above picture shows the "pond" and the view from the top of the mountain. Their campsite was right on the lake.

Here is another view from the top showing the multiple rolling mountains in the area.

Another view from the top. Carson just loved the area and the natural beauty.

Here is Carson at the top. Just a side note: he was wearing that shirt when Perry dropped him off and was wearing it again when we picked him up. How many times in between do you think he wore that shirt? It was stiff with nastiness and went right into a washing machine shortly after we picked him up. Yuck!

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Tammie said...

Wow! Carson has a great eye for photography! The pictures are stunning.