Monday, July 13, 2009


Being in such a beautiful place, we all had the itch to get outside and explore. These are in no order!

We found so many interesting spots for pictures, like this tree with an interesting exposed root structure.

I love the variety and size of the trees in this area. I particularly enjoy looking UP through the trees.

There are so many unexpected waterfalls and streams.

This is just a beautiful part of the country!

And provided some great spots to grab a few pictures of the kids.

Even some goofy pictures of the kids (but these are the ones I really, really like!)

Elise stole my hate and sunglasses at one point. I have to say she wears them better than I do!

Another sweet shot of the kids. Elise is fighting the urge to make her bunny face in this picture.

Carson and Perry at the top of Panther Mountain. The next time I looked over, Perry had Carson hanging over the edge by his ankles. I did NOT take a picture of that (I had my eyes clenched closed!)

I love the rolling mountains. Such a beautiful sight. We live in Illinois...FLAT Illinois so this is such a welcome sight.

Some of the hiking paths were a bit more rugged than others. This one was covered in wet mud and much of it over rocks so it was a bit slippery. We sure did get a workout in.

I love the rockiness of this area. You see these gigantic rocks all over the place. You'd pay a fortune for something like this in Illinois, but these are everywhere in this area.

Carson sitting (again) a little too close to the edge filming Auger Falls.

Elise and her daddy. I was surprised he didn't end up carrying her on his shoulders on our hikes, but she was able to do the hikes all by herself.

Just to put the rocks in perspective, here's Carson standing in front of one. HUGE!

We loved these little streams that you could explore by walking out on the rocks.

Some of us went much further out on the rocks than their mother's would have liked.


Vivian M said...

Wow what beautiful country! Elise looks awesome in your hat and glasses! And I would be scared with you too to see Carson hanging from his ankles.
Enjoy your hikes!

The Morris Family said...

...yet more gorgeous shots! something tells me you are going to have to buy some picture frames!