Saturday, July 12, 2008

CHI Reunion

When we adopted Elise, we carefully considered several agencies with solid reputations and long histories in Chinese adoptions. In weighing our choices, we went with Children's Hope International (based in St. Louis) and were very pleased overall. One of the big deciding factors in using CHI was the hope that in using a more local agency, perhaps some of the families from our travel group would also live in this area.

Nope. None. Sigh.

We've kept in touch with many families from our travel group mostly through holiday cards and e-mails. We do miss that close connection with the other little girls who lived at the orphanage with Elise during her first year of life.

So, we were THRILLED when one other family from our travel group contacted us to see if we'd be going to the annual reunion! I wasn't sure how the girls would do...they haven't seen each other for 5 years. They were both pretty uninterested in each other at first, but soon became quick friends.

There were so many families at the reunion with much littler ones. It's so hard to believe we've been home for 5 years already and our girls are the "big girls" at these events now.

The face painting was the big highlight.


Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Love the unicorns!

Super Mommy said...

The old bait and switch!! LOL - I used Great Wall in Austin - live in Houston and only know a few ppl who used them and none were on my adoption trip!

Looks like fun at the reunion - they did a great job on Elise's face painting - I see she has on a dress - she's such a girly!! ;)

Vivian M said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog! I stopped by and what a small world, I recognized your daughter's reunion pictures. It seems we have a friend in common - Tammie (Erin's Mom)! Any friend of Tammie and Erin is a friend of mine. :o)
Like you, we live far away from our travel group so I think it is wonderful you have the opportunity to share this with Elise.

Tammie said...

I think it's funny that our girls are now the big girls. We are the old timers. How did that happen!?

Love the unicorns! Elise looks so adorable. Even if she is one of the older girls. ;)