Monday, July 28, 2008

I said what?!?

I interupt this regularly scheduled post to point out this picture. Hmmm...ya think my girl has some sassy attitude.

Back to the real post for today. Bear with me. It's long.

We had storms all night last night. The kind that keep waking you up. All night long.

This morning, I noticed a wet spot on the ceiling in our bathroom. I'd noticed a similar one in the kids bathroom.

At this point, I'm thinking we need a new roof. Remember this and this? Ya, and before that came the washer that decided to flood the laundry room every time I did a load. And my stove died on the 4th of July so we replaced not only a stove, but all the appliances (they didn't match and were all living on borrowed time so it was a preemptive strike). I was so ready to start packing and move into a RENTAL house. I'm sick of being a homeowner (and fairly broke to boot!)

Perry was going to look into the roof issue while I was at work...and cushion the blow when he had to tell me we needed a whole new roof and to start looking for a 2nd job to pay for it.

I must have forgotten the part when I told him to leave the mess and I'd clean up after work (being kind...he's very stressed about getting ready for school next week.)

Yup, forgot that completely.

Until I arrived home to find this on my bed.

Yup...after working a 9 hour day (remember that flex time that I love?) I'd completely forgotten about my promise to my dear hubby to clean up the mess.

See that access panel all the way at the top of the closet...right above where my clothes should be resting? It's the ONLY attic access in the entire house. Only one. Clearly a man designed this. Since we'd never been into the attic (and all night long I laid awake thinking my attic was probably crawling with mold thanks to my leaking roof), we didn't want crud coming down and covering our (OK...truth...mostly mine) clothes. duck boots! I haven't worn these since I moved to Illinois from New York....17 years ago (not admitting how long it just took me to do the math.) Mightly helpful boots to have since we RARELY get snow. I digress.

It's all slowly coming back together. I vaccuumed every pair of shoes. Where in the world does that much dust come a closet?!?

For a good bit of the time that I was working, Elise was taking a bath in our bathroom. She kept saying things like, "Mom, you should really take a bubble bath, this is so relaxing." (Yea, life is pretty stressful when you are six!)

Phew...2 hours later and I'm done. Order is restored and lots of dust, shoes and clothes are GONE! I even cleaned out my trying them on. Wow, was that humbling! Clearly time to lay off the ice cream!

I didn't even do Perry's side of the closet. Apparently he wasn't too worried about the mold monster in the attic and didn't even bother moving any of his clothes.

Between today and cleaning out Elise's room, here's our on-going pile for Goodwill. I'm going to try and see how big a pile I can create before I take it all in on Friday!

The good news? The roof leak is easily fixed with CAULK! :) I'm so loving that news! We don't have to move from this money pit of our house.

But, hon, the next time I offer to clean up the mess after a long day of work...remember that I SOMETIMES LIE and have a very short memory!!!!


Vivian M said...

Whew! What a relief you don't need a new roof!
And your daughter has the right idea, need a bubble bath and to destress from all the cleaning!

Tammie said...

Wow! You're my hero! I can barely breath after a full day of work let alone clean & organize.

Elise has the right idea BTW. A bubble bath cures most ills.

Beverly said...

sorry to hear about the mess. Elise is adorable and yes 6 is stressful although I can't really remember back that far. Hope you get a bubble bath soon!