Sunday, July 20, 2008

School orchestra

Carson will be playing the sax this coming year in the school orchestra. This was surprising news to us when we learned, as the guitar lessons he did last school year went over like a lead balloon. But, he's excited and has several friends playing other instruments.

We picked up the instrument on Friday and Carson already loves playing it (as do his friends).
I had NO IDEA a saxophone could be so loud. Mind achingly loud.

Today I asked him to play outside.

When I went out to take a picture, I noticed a strange phenomenon in my side yard.

It would appear to be 2 grown men engaged in some sort of lawn mower race! Perry swears they weren't racing, but it sure looked that way!

Boy, our neighbor's mower sure does look bigger and faster from this angle!


Tammie said...

Too funny! Erin has a drum set that we gave her for her 3rd birthday. She also got a guitar for this past Chanukah. My little girl definitely loves music.

Hopefully, Carson is better at music than Erin is. 'Cause that little girl has a tin ear!

Vivian M said...

Are you implying they were mowing the lawn to drown out the sax? Now you have a way to inspire everyone to mow their lawns?

Super Mommy said...

Love that pic of Carson - blow baby, blow! He may have found his knack?? LOL