Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ummm...where'd that come from?

After dinner, I headed outside to check on the veggie garden. Perry and the kids were swimming...in the backyard (this detail is important!).

As I head off the deck into the yard, I notice a very LARGE tree just laying across our shed. The kind that might come down during a bad storm...except that the weather had been clear all day.

Perry had mowed the lawn earlier in the day and the tree had been upright at that time. No one had noticed when they went out to swim...in the backyard. No one heard a large crash (as you might expect when a tree this large comes down).

Fortunately, it just hit the lean-to portion of the deck (come on, everyone has a "lean-to" in their yard, right?!) and it didn't smash the larger part of the deck containing the generator, the mowers, etc. (i.e....the things that would actually cost some $$ to replace!)

Here you can see the debris that was dropped when the tree fell (again, no one noticed this large tree coming down in broad daylight!) Yup, there's Trixie guarding the downed tree...and the boys on the other side of the fence trying to figure out who cut down the tree (no one did...it simply fell).

As if Perry doesn't have enough projects to finish in his last few weeks of summer break, now he had to break out the chainsaw and clean up this mess.

I'm still wondering how a tree that big could come crashing down with NO ONE noticing it (and there people around all day!)


Beverly said...

So I guess a tree really doesn't make a noise if someone isn't there to hear it?

Tammie said...

Uh. Wow. You're sure no one heard anything? I mean that's one heck of a tree!

Vivian M said...

Maybe if it had hit the shed someone would have heard it? Yikes!