Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Conversation with Carson

In all fairness, I thought I'd post a conversation I had with Carson this morning.

Background...our stove died a quick death on the 4th. The new one was delivered yesterday and Perry decided to install it himself. It's a gas stove but he felt confident in his abilities to NOT blow up the house and obliterate our family. (I did ask him to send the kids outside of the house when he tested his work just in case...but I'm sure you did a great job, honey!)

So, this morning he finished installing the stove and left Carson and a friend at home while he drove Elise to a gymnastics camp. He'd be gone 20 minutes...tops...and besides, he assures me, they are half asleep and sacked out in front of the tv, they won't probably won't even move while I'm gone. Okey-dokey.

So, I get a call at work.

Me: Good morning honey!

Carson: Mom, where are the spatulas? (no "good morning" to Mom!)

Me: Why do you want a spatula?

Carson: Because I'm making eggs. (This from a child who can't even pour a glass of water by himself without making a mess.)

Me: How are you making eggs?

Carson: On the stove. (please keep in mind this is my BRAND.NEW.STOVE to which he is referring...and the GAS stove my husband just installed all by himself!)

Me: TURN THE STOVE OFF!!!! (mentally judging how quickly I can travel the 4.2 miles from my office to home.)

Carson: Ok (clearly thinking I've lost my mind)

Me: Is the stove off?!?

Carson: Yeah, I turned it off as soon as you started yelling.

Me: Leave it off until Dad gets home.

My next his father...consisted of something like this...GET HOME THIS INSTANT...YOUR SON IS TRYING TO COOK EGGS OVER AN OPEN FLAME ON THE NEW STOVE!!!!

Good grief. Two 9 year old boys with enormous appetites, empty bellies and the cocky belief they know everything SHOULD NOT BE LEFT ALONE.

At least not with my new stove. :)


Tammie said...

Ah yes. The mind of a man. I see it starts young. Good thing your boy listens so well.

Sandra said...

Man, it's a good thing that he couldn't find those spatula's! Who knows, otherwise you might have had to replace more than just that stove ;-)