Sunday, July 6, 2008


Part of Perry's recent trip to Chicago involved a labor swap with my brother. Perry helped Eric do some electrical work in their new house and Eric helped Perry put up a pergola on our deck this weekend. We had a family BBQ on the 4th in the hopes of enlisting some additional help!

We've wanted to do something for years on our back deck. We have a large deck and we love being outside. Unfortunately, the deck just bakes in the late afternoon/evening hours and is the LAST place you'd want to be. Eric's new house has a pergola so Perry studied it and came up with a plan to add one to our deck.

So, here's the pergola in progress. It still needs a few finished touches, but the guys got the basic structure up in a day. I think it looks great and am so grateful to Perry, Dad and Eric for putting it up on such a hot 4th of July!

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PIPO said...

How nice that will be when you can enjoy more more outdoor time at home :0) Great place for summer evenings.