Saturday, September 6, 2008

Creative weekend

Elise and I ended up with a day to ourselves last Saturday. Dad had a football game and Carson spent the day with my folks. Hmmm....what are 2 girls to do?!?

I had a hankerin' to make a jumper for Elise (don't ask why, I don't know). I thought it would be fun to head to a fabric store together to pick out fabric and tackle this project together. We went to a wonderful quilting store just up the road from us. They were so helpful in suggesting fabric and Elise had a ball looking at all the possibilities.

While I love the retro fabric she picked out, she really wanted to pair it with a lovely pink/purple number and wasn't happy with my choice of brown.

That jumper turned out to be so easy to put together, we headed on Sunday out to find some corduroy to make up a few more. While it took a bit of coaxing on my part, she really did help with all the fabric choices.

While we got the bulk of the dresses made last weekend, I just completed the finishing touches earlier today.

Here is a fashion show Elise put on tonight showing our handiwork from last weekend.

Dress #1 - a lovely fall jumper. A bit big in the body so we adjusted it in the future versions.

Dress #2 - her "Christmas" jumper. Red corduroy, this version fits much better. She is trying to show off the twirling capabilities of this model.

Dress #3 - This is actually winter-white corduroy with pink embroidered flowers and butterflies. She is quite proud of the fact that I completely overlooked this fabric and SHE is the one who found it. Again, please note the "twirlability."

And finally, Dress #4 - the Pain in the Arse dress! I had picked up the pattern for this bubble skirt jumper as well. Elise wanted at lease one bubble dress. The others were quick and easy to put together, but not this one. It did turn out cute, but I think that's the last time I make this one.

And not to be outdone by our fashionista, Trixie tried to get in on the fashion show. Only she didn't give a hoot about the fashion, she just wanted someone to throw her stuffed elephant.

It was a fun weekend and Elise should be ready for cooler weather with these jumpers. The "fashion show" was her idea and it was hard to get a decent shot of her because of her twirling and dancing and flitting around. I'd say she likes her new dresses.

Football update - The Thunderchickens are now 2-0. While I'm happy for the kids, this doesn't bode well for my sports widowhood with the thought of post-season play and the season going extra loooonnngggg. Just ask me how the long season went when they made it all the way to the State Championship game. :(

Rah-rah, go team. (Those of you who really know me can read the sarcasm just dripping from that cheer!)


Tammie said...

Cute dresses! I'll admit to being particular to the Christmas version. Red is a favorite color of mine. Of course, I have no need to learn how to sew dresses since Erin won't wear them.

Congrats to the Thunderchickens!

Sandra said...

Cute dresses. Aren't you just the multi talented one? ;-)

Vivian M said...

I love the jumpers! And the model clearly enjoyed her job!
As for the Thunderchickens, I am happy for the team, and you have my sympathies!

Becki party of 5 said...

They are adorable. I am very impressed with your talents (especially the bubble one!)....Poor Addie will never have any handsewn clothes, unless you want to send some "hand me downs" haha j/k! :)

The Morris Family said...

Wow! Love that retro brown/orange fabric- the jumpers are really cute- all of them-and the bubble dress is too sweet-wish I had paid more attention in home ec all those years ago! Elise looks every bit the part of a super fashion model in the making!

Super Mommy said...

You are sooo creative - those are so cute!!

Beverly said...

cute dresses and yes the twirlability is very important.