Wednesday, September 24, 2008

They never cease to amaze me...

We've had several days of ugly words, nasty behaviors and unkind actions from my children (OK, mostly one of my children, but I'm not naming names)

Tonight, I heard my kids outside in the back yard. At first, I thought they were arguing and I headed out to stop what I thought was yet ANOTHER argument.

Lo and behold, they were getting along! And talking nicely to one another (who knew they remembered HOW to do that?!)

OK, they were betting each other on who could run to the fence and back the quickest, but at least they weren't arguing and no money actually changed changes. Trust me, I take what I can get these days in the way of sibling love.

(Yes, the yard does look a bit like a hayfield...yard maintanence becomes an issue when you have 2 acres and your husband works every freaking Saturday during football season...sorry, did that sound bitter?) that a SMILE?!? I think it is!

Hmmm...think they will be friend or foe tomorrow when they get up?


Tammie said...

You're lucky. My brother & I tried to beat the crap out of each other daily. From my experience, it does get better eventually. As the older child, I was better.

Love the pics! And, yes, Carson is definitely smiling.

Vivian M said...

Hey we all have our good days and bad days. But deep down they love each other. And that's what really counts.

The Morris Family said...

...the likely answer to your last question is: "yes" :-)
that's siblings! thankfully, though, love wins out over everything else in the end.
have a good weekend!