Thursday, September 11, 2008

The tooth fairy forgot

Carson greeted me this morning with the words "The tooth fairy didn't come."

Drat! In all the years of losing teeth, we've never forgotten. Sure, we've remembered at the last minute a few times, but never outright forgot. I felt horrible. He lost this tooth at school and I didn't even know it was loose.

To salvage the situation, I quickly slid some money under his pillow and told him he must not have seen it. And I was sure the tooth fairy left his tooth this time because he was so intriqued with it. He saw me with money in my hand going for the pillow but I explained that I was only going to put some under if she really had forgotten but didn't need to.

In the end, he made out OK. All I had was a $5 bill in my pocket (our tooth fairy is cheap and only brings $1/tooth so $5/tooth is a haul!)

I thought the dentist said he only had a few more to lose, and that seems like a few teeth back. How many more does he have to go?!? Clearly I need to keep on top of that a bit more!


Vivian M said...

OOPS!! But you think fast on your feet!

Tammie said...

Good save!