Sunday, September 21, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

Did you know there are only 95 days until Christmas? I have to confess that I try to be one of those early shoppers. My goals is always to have the majority of my shopping done before Thanksgiving. So that means I should be ready go to about NOW. :)

I think my Christmas pre-planning has rubbed off on my daughter. I've been putting together lists and lists. She wanted to put together a list of her own and took this task very seriously.

She had me look up all the girl DS games on Toys'R'Us then she scrolled through and wrote down the ones she would like.

So...anyone looking for Christmas gift ideas for my daughter, here you go! :)


Vivian M said...

I just love her hand written list! That is too cute. For us, Thanksgiving is next month so I guess I better hurry up too!

Tammie said...


That's what is for! I've used it for years for Erin's special occasions. This year for her birthday, I told her she was old enough to help decide what she wants. We sat down together at the computer, looked at the toys, books & crafts. You may want to try this with Elise.

PIPO said...

Gotta envy and early shopper who gets it all finished in record time.

As for me, there is only one thing on my list....just one....just a picture even.