Thursday, September 18, 2008


We had 2 awesome visitors this morning. I noticed 2 deer in the yard while I was eating breakfast. We've seen deer in the yard before, but usually just running through. These guys clearly thought they were in their own back yard and just lingered around for quite a bit. We back up to 6 acres of woods so I'm sure they live back there. It was a male and female, so now the kids are wondering if we'll see baby deer around. (While I enjoy watching them, I'm not really wanting a deer explosion in my yard...2 is just enough, thank you!)

The pictures aren't great. It was foggy this morning and I was trying to find a spot outside to snap a picture without letting the dogs know I'd gone out, lest they scare them away.


PIPO said...

They are cute but don't send 'em my way. I had issues for a while when the critters ate all my hostas and used my back yard for a public restroom. It was just lovely.

Vivian M said...

Beautiful! It must be lovely to wake up every morning to peace and quiet and that beautiful scenery. Of course, someone has to mow all that grass too.

Tammie said...

Just gorgeous! And the fog actually makes the pics seem dreamy.

So has Carson tried to convince he needs new pets yet?