Friday, October 17, 2008

Campus conversations

Working on a university keeps me young and helps maintain my sense of humor. Here are a few conversations I overheard this week:

1. "Well, duh, the only reason we got married was for the dental insurance." I swear to goodness this person was SERIOUS!

2. "Yeah, I way overextended myself last week. I went out drinking Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday." Hmmm..."overextended"? Back in my day, we called it drinking ourselves stupid.

3. OK, not a comment that I overheard, but something I witnessed. My university held a graduate school fair this week, held in the main student union type building. And, I saw where our graduate marketing had fallen short. It was CONDOM DAY at the main store in the building. They even had a jeopardy like wheel to spin...for fancier ones?!? I went back and prompted requested from my dean a CONDOM WHEEL to help with our recruitment. Yeah, she's going to pass on that request....but we did giggle!

4. And my favorite comment this week came from a mom. Someone in my office found a cell phone. My student workers had the brilliant idea of calling the person listed in the contacts as "mom" as surely they'd know to whom the phone belonged. Upon calling and establishing the identity of the phone owner, the mom ASKED IF WE COULD BRING THE PHONE TO HER SON IN HIS DORM ROOM....NOT EVEN CLOSE TO OUR OFFICES. I don't think so! But we'd be happy to call your son's dorm and have him walk over to get HIS PHONE.

Ahhh....yup, it keeps me young and smiling!


Vivian M said...

Wow. Maybe you should bring some dental insurance and condoms with you when you return the cell phone. Sheesh!

The Morris Family said...

...Okay, and this is why there just has to be an all girls college somewhere in the Swiss Alps for Maggie...way...way up in the Alps...yeah, that's the ticket...

Sandra said...

Condom day?? Condom wheel? Now I've heard it all ;-)

PIPO said...

Yep, I had a mom say she quizzed her daughter about her boyfriend's insurance carrier info. She was all about marrying for good insurance. Oye!

The last one...I love when a patient calls with a concern. I break scrub and call in midst of a delivery. I offer to call something in and they tell me to look up the number for their pharmacy myself because they are on their way to a party. Yeah, it has happened. Perhaps it was the cell phone mom who called me. Double oye!