Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tooth fairy alert....for Elise!!!!

Elise had a dentist appointment this morning to fill a cavity. Since her front tooth was hangin' by a thread, the dentist decided to help it along. Teehee...her dentist looks and talks just like Dr. Robert Rey from Dr. 90210. Between his running commentary (you are such a good girl, Elise, we are almost done, just another quick mosquito bite, you are being such a good princess...) and the fact that he looks 12 (OK, maybe 22), I had to stiffle a few giggles!

Hey, what are YOU looking at?!?

Oh, you want to see the gap in my teeth!

One teeny, tiny baby tooth. She has carried it with her all day. I'm surprised she hasn't lost it by now. (Hopefully the tooth fairy remembers to come last night...her track record hasn't been too great around here lately!)

And what has Carson been up to these word...LEGO. Well, 3 words really...LEGO STAR WARS.


Vivian M said...

Wow , congrats on the tooth fairy thing Elise! And the lego things look awesome!

The Morris Family said...

Hope the tooth fairy brought Elise a special prize...Carson looks quite proud of his Lego creations-who knows, maybe he's an architect or engineer in the making.

Super Mommy said...

Yay Elise!! Love the gap - a tooth will be there in no time!! Jasmine keeps wiggling her teeth to see if one is loose yet!!

WOWza Carson - you might have an engineer on your hands there Gretchen - how awesome!!

Tammie said...

I love the gap in Elise's mouth! She looks absolutely adorable!

I'm with Carson. I love Legos. I'm hoping to find a Hogwarts Castle in Legos for me!