Sunday, October 26, 2008

Carson's School Picture

You may remember that when Elise got her school pictures back, she was very upset with me for forgetting to put a necklace on her.

Carson's school pictures came home on Friday.

I need to remember that 9 year old boys really could care less how their hair looks. We're lucky if he combs out the bed head before leaving for school. By the middle of the morning, he's run around so much that the sweat weighs down the crazy hair (gross, but true).

Next year I'll try and remember to have his hair cut before school pictures.


PATIENCE UPDATE: It was enlightening! I now have a new respect for those individuals who I would classify as having a patient nature. The kids did comment that I didn't yell as much (proud parenting moment there). We were all a little stir crazy by the end of the day. The new water heater wasn't installed until 4:30 so it was a day of just waiting around and bored kids.

Today's task...practice kindness. Phew, that sounds easier than patience, doesn't it?!?


Tammie said...

I think Carson looks great in his school pic. Who cares about a silly haircut after all when your child is as cute as he is!?

Super Mommy said...

You are too critical Gretchen - because you are looking at every hair on Carson's head!! The photo looks great!

Now, wanna talk bad primary school photos?? I have lots of them! LOL

Vivian M said...

The picture is fab! And I love the hair.
Congratulations on practicing patience, that is quite the feat! Let us know how you did with kindness. Me, not so patient this weekend.

Tammie said...

Tag! You're it! Stop by & see what's up.