Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Have I mentioned that Elise loves homework. Let me rephrase that...ELISE LOVES HOMEWORK.

The other night, she was so darn adorable working on her spelling words. Sure enough, once I grabbed the camera, she decided there was no way I would capture that intent-on-my-homework look.

When we started spelling words with Carson, a friend suggested a dry erase board. It's been a lifesafer...the kids think it's fun and it's much easier to get them to work on their words. Now that I have 2 kids doing spelling words (Elise only did sight words last year), I need to invest in a new board.

Now she's just being goofy.

This lovely pumpkin is the result of an EXTRA CREDIT HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT. (Even BETTER than regular homework in my girl's eye AND it involved some crafting so this was a BONANZA for Elise.) Her task...turn a pumpkin into a character from a book. Can you tell which character? Sleeping Beauty, of course (with brown eyes like Elise!)


sandra said...

Love the pumpkin!

Hey, Jazzie LOVES homework at well. I hope she'll always that way about homework ;-)

PIPO said...

That is one boooootiful pumpkin. Nice job!

Wow, I hope my kiddo feels homework 'love' too. Then again, she may be a little renegade. Only time will tell.

Super Mommy said...

Thanks for the dry eraser board tip! I bought Jade a Hannah Montana spiral note book - seems to be working thus far!

Love the pumpkin - I don't carve so we are also making princess pumpkins - although I am not planning on painting ours - or should I say - I wasn't planning on painting ours!

The Morris Family said...

What a perfect princess pumpkin-especially for the princess who loves doing her homework AND extra credit-great idea! Great idea with the dry erase board- think it would help us with our language transition as well.

Vivian M said...

Love the pumpkin! And I think the dry erase board is a terrific idea!

Tammie said...

Erin likes homework too. As long as she doesn't have to do it that is. Actually it's the reading she dislikes.

Thanks for the tip on using a dry erase board for spelling! I see many other applications here.