Thursday, October 30, 2008

The many faces of my son

You may wonder about the lack of pictures of my son from time to time.

This might help explain.

We had a family birthday party this weekend. There were 3 boys sitting at the table and we wanted to get one decent one of all three boys together. As I scrolled through the pictures on my computer screen, it became very clear why I have few decent pictures involving my son.

Just look what he does. (Keep in mind that there were 2 other adults besides me taking pictures so this isn't just for my benefit).

Awww.....doesn't he look sweet? Notice dad's hand on his shoulder, which is probably there as a reminder to STOP doing something.

Pseudo nice smile there...a bit exaggerated, but a smile.

Now the real fun begins...

I do believe boredom is setting in....

So he throws in a dainty hand gesture to complete the picture.
Yup...I have some great pictures of my son. Little does he realize these will make GREAT blackmail pictures some day.


Vivian M said...

LOL! I think he has a great personality!

PIPO said...

Blackmail = good ;0)