Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sittin' in a hotel room in Chicago

I love Chicago (you might have guessed). We were blessed to live on the north side of the Chicago when we first got married. Having grown up in a small town in upstate New York, I never saw myself living in a big city. But, I learned that when you put yourself in a new situation, you may find that you really enjoy it!

So this week, I'm at a conference in Chicago. This is a conference I've sent my staff to in the past, but I've never attended. The fact that it was in Chicago this year was the clincher for me to attend. I'm here with 2 co-workers and having a great time. (Sorry to my Chicago area family for not seeing them during this visit...since I'm paying $48/day to park the car at the hotel, I want to get my money out of that parking spot!!!)

And more importantly for my kids, my hotel room is within close walking distance to the LEGO and AMERICAN GIRL store so they are both anticipating the goodies that Mom might bring home. For the record, Elise does not have an AG doll but is asking Santa for the Ivy doll this Christmas. Ivy is the Chinese doll in their historical line. I have to say the store is charming. I think the next time we visit as a family, I'll have to bring Elise there.

I'm not checking my favorite blogs this week due to time constraints. I look forward to getting caught up once I return home.

Update on Carson - I'm really proud of how he's handling this situation with our neighbor. He told me he was going to talk to the school social worker to see if she had any words of advice. I thought that was a great idea. As neighbors, we've always said we'd let the boys work things out themselves, but the other mom keeps getting on Carson for his behavior while not addressing the behavioral concerns of her child. It's frustrating for me seeing my son catch the brunt of the blame, having seen and heard her son do things just as snotty (and more so) as what she's accusing Carson. I don't believe she's hearing the full story from her son, but is taking that as the full truth and not looking any further.

Update on Elise - she has her first loose tooth! I'm so hoping the tooth fairy doesn't have to make her first visit while Mom is away!!!


PIPO said...

Safe travels...and hurry home.

I've been mulling over 'Ivy' myself. Yeah, I'm pushing it, I know.

Tammie said...

Enjoy your time in Chicago. I've hear it's quite the place to visit. For $48 a day in parking, I'd sit in that spot!

High 5 to Carson for trying to find a way to handle his problem! What an amazing boy you've got there Gretchen!

So how much will the tooth fairy be laying out in your house?

Vivian M said...

Wow, the tooth fairy is going to be busy soon!
Have a wonderful time in Chicago (try the pizza!).
And I think Carson is doing great all by himself....way to go!