Saturday, April 12, 2008

April or January?!?

After beautiful weather last weekend, we were reminded that it can all change quickly. It's been another wet, wet week here.

I have always loved springtime in this area. It typically starts early to mid March and lasts forever. I feel so cheated this year :(
Some new plants arrived this week and they are still sitting in the dining room.

The daylillies I separated last week still sit in pots waiting for their new home to be prepared.

The chairs that need the final few coats of weather protection sit waiting for warmer weather.

One of the fruit trees in the back yard has burst out her blooms after the rain and warm weather.

The tulips are holding tight to their coats. I hope they don't accidently bloom during this cold spell.

Molly found the perfect perch to at least visually enjoy the outdoors while being warm and cozy inside the warm house!

C0me back warm weather. We miss you!


Shaochun Ma said...

Winter is back? Come on, Spring!

Tammie said...

Love the pics! That one of the fruit tree in bloom is awesome.

Down here in sunny Florida, we're waiting for the heat of summer to begin. Today's weather was a good indicator that we're going to be wilting very soon. Erin told me she was sweating looking out the window!