Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lots of weekend pictures

On Saturday, my dad came over for a bike ride. We're having beautiful weather after all the rainy weather lately so Elise and I jumped at the chance to get outside!

We have lots of bike trails in our town and we tried a new one. We didn't realize we were mostly going at a slight downhill for most of the trail...until we finally turned around. was quite a workout going at a slight uphill with Elise's tag-along. (counting towards my 500 minutes of cario this week, though!)

On Sunday, the kids and I headed over to local park. It was finally time to let Spot go back to the wild.

Waiting for Spot to leave the shore and head into the lake. Those are not happy faces, by the way.

He finally heads into the water and swims away and the kids say their final good byes.

We then start walking around the lake and Carson finds this enormous red ear slider. This made his day! (Not to worry, this was as close as I let him get to it.)

Carson discovered that big boys can't play on these toys without a bit of "boy" discomfort...especially when you try to rock really fast!

Elise loves these rocking toys and couldn't imagine why her brother was having such a hard time! (We'll save that discussion for another day!)

Headng down the slide.

Great kids enjoying great weather!

Elise was telling me the other day that one little girl at school invited her to join the "climbing club." When I asked what you had to do to be a part of a climbing club, she told me that you have to climb. :) I'm a nervous wreck when she climbs these structures for fear that she will fall, but she has a ball (and goes higher just to bug me, I think.) While it makes me nervous, as a kid who is on an IEP for gross motor delays, I love seeing her manipulate something that takes such balance and muscle control!

Hope everyone else had some nice weather to enjoy!


PIPO said...

Looks like a great weekend in the sun.

Yes, being born female DOES have its advantages.

Sandra said...

What a great time!!! Love the brother-sister pictures :-)

Super Mommy said...

LOVE the bike - you go girl on your cardio workout - I know you can do it!! Send good vibes my way too. I won't take that challenge, but am going to the gym this week for some "light" cardio on the treadmill. Elise and Carson looks like they had a blast. Glad the weather cooperated for you all! Nancy

Tammie said...

Great pics of the kids! They look like they're having a blast being outside. I wish we had that kind of weather down here.