Friday, April 4, 2008

Root Beer and a 9 year old boy

Those of you with boys or brothers might be able to guess where this might be heading, but bear with me anyway....

We took Perry out for dinner tonight. He recently completed his Master's degree and we decided to go out to dinner rather than go to the ceremony (an hour away from home on a school night).

I've gotten in the habit of taking the kids out to kid friendly places on Friday nights when Perry works. It's a fun way for the kids and I to end the school/work week and it's a special treat for them.

So...tonight as I'm picking up the kids, Perry calls to say he's also on his way home (YEAH...on a Friday!). On a whim, we decide to do his graduation dinner tonight. He wanted to go to Red Lobster since they have a LobsterFest right now.

Remember...I usually take the kids to a kid friendly restaurant (think Burger King, SteakNShake, Pizza Hut) so Red Lobster kicks up a slight notch.

They did FANTASTIC! We really had a wonderful time. Elise tried popcorn shrimp, Carson ordered crab legs and Perry got his monster lobster dish. We were all enjoying our food, having a great time, enjoying watching Carson work on his crab legs. You get the picture...Norman Rockwell type scene of a lovely family. I was truly so proud of the kids' behavior.


The root beer Carson was drinking kicks in.

And he belches.

Not just a little, polite burp.


The kind only boys drinking root beer can do...deep, long and drawn out....he brought that puppy all the way up from his toes!

Loud enough for all those dining around us to hear.

People around us turned to look out of shock.

The baby in the next booth woke up!

I was mortified!

And even worse, we all burst into laughter.

Yup....we looked like total hoosiers!

Sigh, guess we'd better stick to fast food for now on...certainly easier to make a quick getaway!


Tammie said...

Oh puleasze!! I can top Carson any day!!

THe last night of our honeymoon, David & I went to the Red Lobster by Disney for a special dinner. We each ordered 2 pound lobsters for dinner. THis was his first time eating a whole lobster but I'd been doing since childhood. BTW, we were sitting next to this lovely older couple from Kentucky - you know - Southern, proper, etc. Anyway, as I was cracking the body of my lobster, it slipped & the roe that was inside went all over the wall that I was sitting by. It was so comical. I started to laugh & cry at the same time. David looked at me in utter shock & embarrasment. That poor couple couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Becki party of 5 said...

I'm sorry, but I think that's hilarious. Obviously, I have a 9 year old son, too, and I"m sure that's happened to us more than once! Thanks for the laugh!
(fellow Jianxin mommy!)