Friday, April 18, 2008

Rough Day

I walked into the kitchen this evening and noticed Elise sitting at the table resting her head in her arms.

Our conversation:

Me: Elise, what's up?

Elise: (sigh) I had a really busy day!

Me: What did you have going on? (thinking...CRAP...did I forget ANOTHER field trip?!?)

Elise: Well, I had to do my craft... (hand gesture)

Me: Really, what else?

Elise: Then I had to do my snack!

Me: Oh dear!

Elise: AND I had to watch TWO movies!

Me: Was your teacher there? (thinking...what the heck...2 movies?!?)

Elise: Yeah (body language clearly indicating that was the dumbest question ever)

Me: Well, did you get your rest time in today?

Elise: NOOOO. That's why it was a rough day!

Guess my girlie needs her rest time during the course of a busy day! (Like mother, like daughter!)

(Yeah, I should have dragged my tired butt over to get the camera, but it was a rough day for me, too. No rest time here'll have to just use your imagination!)


PIPO said...

I wish I could have rest time at work too!!

Tammie said...

I like the idea of a nap during the day too! Too bad the bank would disagree with me.

Super Mommy said...

Hey - a girl HAS to have her beauty rest. Jade is the same way - she will be 7 in July and still naps daily!