Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Learning Fair

Elise's school does a Learning Fair every spring. Carson participated all 3 years that he was at that school and this was Elise's first year. Each child gets to research a particular topic and present their findings in a "poster session." Elise was very excited to participate this year and selected Pandas as her theme. She did a great job in selecting what to write (I helped type out the words), choosing pictures of pandas and creating the artwork on her display board.

She was so excited that someone else did a project on China and another schoolmate did a project on South Korea...they had just adopted a little girl from South Korea last week!

We ran into another adoptive family (Vietnam)that we know, so we inducted this new family with the South Korean little girl into "THE CLUB". I was reminded how thankful I am that our current community has lots of families that "look" like us. In the community we lived when we first brought Elise home, she was THE diversity in the whole area. We stood out like a sore thumb there, but no one bats an eye at us here.

Here are some pictures of her project and Elise posing with her stuffed panda (well, one of many).


Sandra said...

Wow, I am impressed!!!

PIPO said...

Sounds like a great community you live in!

Way to go, Elise :0)

Tammie said...

Great work!

Super Mommy said...

What a great project! I'm sure that was fun - Elise looks so proud!