Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beautiful evening

Things are crazy busy around here until mid-May. At least the weather finally resembles spring.

The kids and I ended up with an unexpected free night (thanks to some poor planning on my part and we'll make up for this free night later in the week once I put the things I thought were tonight on the correct evening AND add the things I rescheduled that were supposed to be tonight but I was smart (HA!) enough to realize the conflicts...get the picture?!?...I really am an organized person but not feeling that way lately!)

We headed over to our favorite nature center. Carson loves to explore and Elise skipped along the entire path (her nickname at school these days is Skippy!).

We found a nesting goose who wasn't too happy with us being that close (we weren't as close as it looks in the picture.)

And Elise made sure we were all well aware of the goose poop...she'd just merrily skip around it yelling "POOP!"

It truly was a beautiful evening and renewed our faith that spring will really arrive...one of these days!!! :)


Sandra said...

I still can't get over how big Carson is. I still remember that little boy from 2002!

Tammie said...

What a gorgeous day! That preserve looks like a great place to wander around.

PIPO said...

I love those photos..the last one looks like a postcard.

Yep, poop happens. Glad Ms. Skippy can enjoy it :0)