Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This and That

A little of this....a little of that from the past few days. Still crazy busy here (but who isn't this time of year!?)

Every now and then the kids get to ride the bus home. I always think they look so cute walking together down our driveway (yes, we have a looooong driveway).

Elise just loves her Panda backpack. It looks so huge on her tiny body but she insists on using it. We bought it to put aside for next year whens she's a little bigger. She has Junior backpack that is better sized for her, but she just L.O.V.E.S this one.

Basement is finally done and we're taking the opportunity to clean through some of the kids toys before we put things back in order. Most of this pile is made up of Little People. Sadly, my kids no longer play with Little People so they are heading up to our younger nephew.

Planter boxes we're going to try this year for our veggie garden. We put the garden outside of the fence (between the fence and the woods) and the deer, bunnies and squirrels ate most of it. We'll see how this works!

Swing fun!!!!

Popsicle weather is back!!!

This is where we usually find Carson...exploring the creek bed or the woods.

He and our neighbor head off to see what they can find in the woods. They can literally spend hours back there. It's about 6 acres of woods bordered by houses on all sides so it's a really safe place for them to explore.


Sandra said...

Wow, that IS a long driveway!!!

Super Mommy said...

Great pics of the kiddos - maybe ya'll should invest in a golf cart for the drive way haul? You are making progress I see on the basement project - be proud of what you've accomplished! Nancy

Becki party of 5 said...

Oh, I love your driveway and big yard! We have a pond in our back yard, and nothing brings me greater joy than watching the kids out there, hunting frogs, fishing and enjoying outside...

Tammie said...

Wow! Talk about a long driveway! I thought my uncle's driveway was long when I was a kid. He has nothing on you!

Living in S FL I'd forgotten what having a big piece property is like. New homes down here are built on what's called zero lot lines. Yes. It means exactly what you're thinking.