Saturday, November 8, 2008


Carson had a great birthday yesterday and will stretch out the celebration by having a laser tag party with his friends next weekend.

But, this weekend, his cousin is staying with us so his birthday weekend is turning out extra special. My kids LOVE their cousins and it's a constant battle for attention. Poor Tyler must get tired of hearing, "will you play with ME now?"

Added to the normal tension of an extra playmate in the house and vying for his attention, there is a bit more tension this weekend.

You see, Carson got two new PSP games at our family's birthday party 2 weeks ago. Games he really.really.really wanted.

Unfortunately, his PSP decided to choose that day to break. Would not load a game to save it's life. So, Carson's PSP is off for repairs and who knows how long that will take. In the meantime, these two new ultra-fabulous games have been collecting dust....completely UNplayed.

That is, until his cousin showed up with his shiny...and most importantly...fully functioning...PSP. Not only did he bring his PSP, he brought a strong desire to play Carson's new games as they are games he does not have.

Normally, the kids have enough different games between them that they have no problem sharing. Carson welcomes Tyler's ability to get past certain levels of most games.
Except when you have only ONE machine. Not only do you have to share the games (which they typically don't mind), you also have to share PLAYING TIME.
Add to that one little girl who could care less about the PSP games and only wants her cousin to play with her...and you have a recipe for one big ol' momma headache! :)

And this is off topic, but as I walked over to dump my pictures, I found YET ANOTHER dead fly. They are all over our house right now. Between the dead flies and the fake Halloween cockroaches, our house is a lovely place to visit right now.
RIP, Mr. Fly. (P.S...could you send out a message to your comrades that our house really isn't a desirable as it might seem to a fly? Really, I'm sure there are better places to congregate. And those dogs you torment in my house may one day actually CATCH and EAT you!)


Vivian M said...

I am sure Carson and his cousin will figure it out. Me, I would have taken the device away and told them they need to spend time with each other, and to find something they could play together. Whatever happened to good old fashioned board games that everyone in the family could play?

The Morris Family said...

A good (though very poorly timed for the birthday boy)lesson on the importance and benefits of for the fly...what a great photo!

Tammie said...

2 boys. 1 PSP. 2 new PSP games. Yikes! I say run for cover! I'm sure the boys figured out how to handle this issue.

Erin has a Nintendo DS that she got with her birthday money from David's parents. Her problem? She has only 4 games. I told her she'd have to wait till Chanukah to see if she would get any new games. Not a happy camper my girl.

PIPO said...

Hope everyone is surviving and sharing well...except the flies!