Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thunderchicken Update

For an explanation of Thunderchickens, please see here. It has to do bored football coaches and a crazy looking logo.

In case it hasn't been clear...I'm not a sports person. My 92 year old Grandmother has more in common with my husband than I do in that area. Seriously!

So, combine one less than enthusiastic wife with one husband who has a career in SPORTS medicine, add in postseason football and you have one unhappy momma.

The Thunderchickens are now in postseason play. Don't get me wrong, I know it's very exciting for the team and for many of these kids it's their only ticket to college (my career is in higher ed so I'm all for getting kids to college in whatever way motives them!).

But, we had plans to re-do our dining room over the Thanksgiving week. Nope, no contractors coming in, we're tackling this puppy all on our own!

That is, if my husband is around.

Three games stand between the today and the state championships. Three. Any guess when the state championship game would be.

Yup....the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

With the next game being this coming weekend (which should have been the time we prepped the room) and the next game being the following weekend (when the hard labor is scheduled to occur). Sigh...if all had gone according to my plans, we'd be spending the weekend after Thanksgiving doing the finishing touches to get the room all ready for our big Christmas celebration. Now we MIGHT be sitting in the Edwards Jones Dome (or whatever it's called these days) watching 2 high school teams battling it out.

I really am happy for the team. Perry has been with several teams all the way to the top and there is an energy that is unlike anything you've seen at that level. So, yes, I am excited.

But, I'd still like to have my dining room done by the end of November. :(

(Oh, and the team they are playing on Saturday are HUGE the point of there being a shooting after the last basketball matchup between the two....I won't be taking the kids to the game this weekend!)


Vivian M said...

On one hand I am happy for your hubby and the team, but on the other sad that your plans are not working out for the holidays. I hope you find a way to balance it all and fit it in with some help!

The Morris Family said...

Go thunderchickens! (I think the team should help with the dining room after all is said and done if they move on to the finals!)

Becki party of 5 said...

I love the idea of the Thunderchickens doing your dining room! :)
I"ve gotten so behind on blogs, but it's been fun catching up tonight. Sorry for all i've missed - but congrats on becoming an aunt, and happy belated birthday to Carson!

Tammie said...

Go Thunderchickens!! Congrats to Perry & the team. I'm sure they're so excited about this.

My brother is a high school sports medicine guy too. My SIL is on your team.

I'm with everyone else. The Thunderchickens owe you a completed dining room.