Saturday, August 30, 2008


Every year Perry gets a whole new wardrobe. Each coach typically orders new shirts for that season and Perry gets one for each sport. He has quite the collection of black/gold team wear. This year the football coach ordered some youth sizes and sent one home for Carson. Carson was so excited to have a Hawks shirt like dad.

Yes, the team mascot is a Hawk, but coaches being the breed they are have renamed the mascot Thunderchicken. Apparently the bird-like head in the thunder bolt more represents a chicken. Sigh...give a bunch of coaches too much time and this is the result.

On the bright side, the Hawks!...won their first football game of the season! Now if Illinois could just pull it together and beat the whoopsies out of Mizzou, all would be well in the world.


Tammie said...

Too cool that Carson got his own Hawks, t-shirt.

Vivian M said...

I like Thunderchickens better!