Friday, August 8, 2008


I get lost looking into my kids' eyes. They are so unique. Tonight we had some fun with the camera.

Here are Carson's eyes. I love the color. The color is a mixture of Perry's and mine. After seeing this, Carson was a bit concerned about his unibrow and convinced his dad to shave it off.

And here are Elise's eyes. I love the color, the shape, they way they are so different from Carson's.
And just because her eye color looks practically black in the previous picture, here's another attempt at getting the true deep brown of her eyes.


Tammie said...

Carson's eyes are such a beautiful color!!

All 3 of us have Elise's eye color.

Super Mommy said...

Eyes are one of the most magnificent parts of our bodies - and they are the most beautiful. I have never seen any one's eyes I didn't like! Carson's and Elise's are no exception!!

Vivian M said...

They are both beautiful!