Saturday, August 9, 2008

Random weekend pictures

Carson spent much of the day helping Perry pick up the mess in our yard (as a result of the tree that mysteriously fell and no one noticed). We've been letting him drive the mower/tractor to help with some yardwork. He loves it and it helps Perry out.
Don't worry, Dad, I'll make sure the tractor doesn't move while you unload it.

Yeah, I can be a sweet kid...especially when I get to drive the tractor all around the yard.

Off with another load (this is the point where Mom got bored and headed back inside!)

Elise wanted to go swimming tonight (as usual) and came out with this lovely ensemble. If you look carefully, she actually has on a once piece swimsuit with the bottoms from a 2-piece suit on as well.

Why?!? Because she really, really, really wanted to wear a skirt to go swimming. Don't ask me...I would have just worn the 2 piece suit, but this was her solution.

She did about 10 laps of the pool on her back like this.

My fashion forward, little mermaid!

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Vivian M said...

Love her sense of style! She looked wonderful in her skirt and suit!
And you better start hiding the car keys, that comes next!