Saturday, August 23, 2008

Carson's Career Choices

Here's a recent conversation:
Carson: Have you ever taken a career test, Mom?

Me: Sure, back in college.

Carson: Do you think I could take one?

Me: Hmmm...not sure they make one for 4th graders.

Carson: 'Cuz I think it'd be really interesting and let me know what I'll be in the future.

Me: The tests don't tell you what you'll be, just make career suggestions based on your answers. What jobs do you think you might like to do?

Carson: There are 3 - Vet, Military, and photographer.

Me: Photographer, that's a new one. How come?

Carson: 'Cuz you can make like a million dollars on one picture.

Me: True, but the field is very competitive.

Carson: Yeah, but you could take a picture of someone and sell it for tons of money.

Me: Explain.

Carson: Well, if you see Hannah Montana, you take a picture of her and sell it.

Me: Yeah, but who wants to buy a picture of Hannah Montana, aren't there tons of her pictures around?

Carson: Yes, but I'll go to Canada to sell the pictures.

Me: Who will you sell the pictures to in Canada?

Carson: Mexicans.

Me: Mexicans in Canada? Do you mean Canadians?

Carson: Oh right!

Me: Do they know who Hannah Montana is in Canada? Is she really that big in Cananda.

Carson: Hmmm...good point.

The thought process of this kid scares me! Let's focus on getting through 4th grade before you worry about career choices. I almost drove off the road laughing at the Mexican comment. :)
I can always tell when he has "borrowed" a camera as I end up with odd pictures like these when I empty the memory stick.

Hmm...maybe the kid has some talent. I personally like the picture of Molly's rear end. Just imagine Hannah Montana and I think we've found a way to fund his college! :)


Sandra said...

LOL - hilarious!

The Morris Family said...

funny stuff~ esp. the pics he took- pure boy- his legos and his dog's posterior...of course!

Tammie said...

Loved Carson's reasoning! Oh to be in 4th grade again.

Vivian M said...

Hey now, there are Americans in Canada too and we have the Disney channel, sheesh!