Monday, August 18, 2008

Last day of summer vacation

Is it my imagination, or do summers go by more quickly these days?!? It's hard to believe this is the very last day of summer vacation. Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the kids finishing up Kindergarten and 3rd grade. I truly hope my kids have strong memories of their carefree summer. That's one HUGE perk of being married to a teacher...he is off with the kids all summer.

We're all ready for the start of a new school year tomorrow. I feel like the gears are slowing falling into place and we'll soon be back to our normal school year routines.

Elise, not surprisingly, picked out a new dress. She's been wanting to wear it every day since we bought it, but it's been off limits. She can't wait to finally wear it tomorrow.

The backpacks are packed and sitting, ready to go, by the door.

Carson's school used SchoolKidz again this year. If your PTA's ever mention it, JUMP ON BOARD! You pay a fee (not unreasonable) and you get this box full of the items for your child's school/grade, along with customized labels to label everything. Saves tons of time.

Elise's school didn't do the kits this year so we had to assemble all the school supplies. Hopefully we didn't forget something from the list.

And the school lunch menu is posted on the fridge. My kids decide at the beginning of each month what days they want to buy and what days they want to bring. Elise is my super helper and reminds me each night of the lunch(es) I have to make the following day.

So how did we spend the last day of summer?

Carson was invited the "Bing Field" with some neighborhood kids. The "Bing Field" is a paintball/airsoft field and our neighbor had rented it out for the day. The kids usually all play in the woods behind our house, but they had a BLAST on a more formal course, even though they also had a referree (something they don't have when they play in the woods!). Carson drained his allowance fund to do this and HAD A BLAST!

Getting ready, putting Uncle Shawn's military gear to good use!

He must of played HARD 'cuz he's been eating NONSTOP since he's been home.

Elise had her nails done. It was someone different this time and Elise didn't like the flowers they painted on, so she's already started picking it off....sigh.....

Elise has been playing with Legos nonstop lately. She's been building (and re-building and re-building) this house for her little kitties today.

The kids decided they wanted ribs for the "last night of dinner" meal. Perry, you'd better get home quickly so the kids don't devour them before you arrive!!!


Tammie said...

Wow! What a great last day of summer the kids had!

I think it's cool that your kids get to wear their own clothing to school. However, I really am thrilled that Erin has to wear a uniform. The schools really take no chances with gangs down here. I can say that the SchoolKidz help from the PTA sounds like a lifesaver. I'm STILL trying to find those darn yellow folders.

BTW, can you send some ribs down this way?

Sandra said...

Can you believe summer is over???
Glad to hear you had such a good summer :-)

Super Mommy said...

We always buy our school supplies through the PTA!! It's wonderful. I don't like running around buying supplies for two kids. At least you only had one to buy for!

Looks like the last day of summer was fun.