Sunday, August 10, 2008

Last week of summer vacation

Summer has just flown by this year. It seems to go quicker each year. Perry is back at school and we are doing our annual August child care juggle. The kids hate going to the Y day camp. They were lucky enough to have my parents come over last week. This week, my nephew Cliff is watching them again. They just love having Cliff over and he does a FANTASTIC job of watching them.

He can keep Carson in line and isn't afraid to show his authority.

And Elise has him wrapped around her little finger. (If you know anyone at his high school, don't spread this around, but...he even lets Elise do makeovers on him...but quickly washes it off!) He's part-fish like Elise so I suspect they'll spend much of their time in the pool.

We were going to have another nephew, Tyler, over as well. But...after he jumped into the pool, he started having an intense ear pain (this from the kid who has a sky high pain tolerance.) He assured me the ice cream cone would really help his ear on the ride back to his mom! :) Hope you are feeling better, buddy!

While we are only 9 days away from school, we STILL don't know who the kids' teachers are for the coming year. That is my only frustration with our school district. They literally wait until the last minute to announce teachers. They kids are so anxious to learn who their teacher will be and which friends will be in the same class. My hope is the letters will arrive tomorrow (Monday).


Tammie said...

How nice that you have nephews who are willing to come & stay with their cousins!

We go back to school on the 18th.

Becki party of 5 said...

Looks like a fun way to spend the last few days before school starts. We don't start until the 27th.....I think I might start counting down! :)