Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School

Thought I'd let my kids sum up the day in their own words:

Carson's report:

"We had a really long assembly today. We have a new mascot. Still a bobcat but now someone dresses up in a costume. I think math will be the hardest thing this year. I'm in the orchestra. That will be the only time I'll see my best friend, Trevor. What am I looking forward to the most? When the school day ends."

Mom's report - where did this long lean kid come from?!? One minute the absolute best kid to be around, the next minute...well...not always the nicest kid to be around (I thought only girls did that!). My baby is turning into quite the young man and as his mom, I find myself frequently challenged by his attempts to push every limit possible.

Elise's report:

"My day was kind of short (I had a half day) and I like my teacher. Her name is Mrs. Jones and her daughter's name is Maddie. Maddie is in kindergarten at my school. I went to latchkey with Maddie. I think reading and homework will be the hardest thing this year. There is another girl in my class who is Chinese, but half-Chinese, and she lives down the road."

Mom's report - my baby girl HATES change and today was no different. She loves her teacher, has a few good friends already in the class, but it was a rough day emotionally for her. She kept telling me her stomach hurt. As her mom, I'm challenged to make sure her needs aren't overshadowed by her brother's more "in-your-face" behavior and her own quiet, pleasing demeanor.

The day was a bit rough with emotions. Carson was his typical pre-teen self, made worse when he decided to use snottiness to cope with his anxiety. Elise ended up sobbing at school. I had no luck in getting a picture of my two kids together, so we'll settle for the next best thing...Carson with our neighbor (i.e., my 2nd son).

While these 2 kiddos look like normal 4th graders, they are the tallest in the grade. We grow 'em tall on our driveway (Carson broke the 5' mark this summer). You'll notice Tate dressed up pretty spiffy while Carson is wearing old sneakers and t-shirt from our vacation last summer. Tried to get him to wear a nicer shirt but he informed me (in no uncertain terms) he wasn't wearing a GEEK shirt. Decided it just wasn't worth the battle...honestly, at that point in the morning, he could have worn a shirt 2 sizes too small and I would have let it go...it was a rough morning!

This was the last I saw of my son this morning. He refused to wave. Tate made up for it by waving to me (thanks Tate!).

And here is Elise with her teacher. She was a long term sub for Carson in kindergarten so we know her well and are THRILLED Elise is in her class this year.

Let's just hope tomorrow morning goes a bit more smoothly than this morning. :) Otherwise, it's looking like it'll be a loooonnnggg year!


Tammie said...

I've heard that boys can be a handful. And now I can live it vicariously through Carson. Poor guy. It's so hard to go back to school & not be with your BFF.

It sounds like Elise will take some time to warm up. Her teacher looks like a sweet person. I'm sure that she'll work well with Elise's personality. And of course, having had Carson for a while, she already knows you.

Sandra said...

At least your first day is done! I am dreading ours (Thursday). I love that picture of Elise and her teacher :-)

The Morris Family said...

Hard to believe summer vacation is over and it's back to the routines...looks like Elise has a great teacher- and that unless you start giving him coffee to stunt his growth, Carson may be recruited by the Chicago Bulls soon!

Becki party of 5 said...

Wow, i'm glad to know I"m not the only mom struggling with the pre-teen son thing! Riley will be in 5th grade this year, but I'm also feeling the love you/ push you away thing.....I thought it was way too early....guess not!
Hope Elise had a great day today, I'm sure it will take a few days to get back into the swing of things.

PIPO said...

Diving in with a splash. The ripples will settle in the next few weeks. I know I always relax when I find my groove.

Super Mommy said...

Love the reports - typical kids speak!