Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A project interrupted...

...our dining room project has encountered yet another hurdle. (Yes, for those inquiring minds, Perry's team won the semi-finals and will play for the state championship this coming Saturday!)

We cleaned out the room. I have dining room furniture all over the house at the moment. Including the table right where we usually put up the Christmas tree, so this room needs to come back together pretty darn quickly (why do the home improvement shows always make it seem like you can do this type of project in mere hours?!?)

We painted the top half of the walls and started building the wainscoting. I should add here that my brother-in-law did this same pattern all over their house and it looks wonderful. There is...how to put this politely....a wee bit of competition between Perry and Shawn (previously mentioned brother-in-law). Knowing we are hosting Christmas this year and we've been talking about doing this for about 2 years, Perry decided to fit this project into his continuing football schedule! :)

Wainscoting is up and we've started painting. I love it! That yucky carpet (complete with pet urine stains from the previous owner...blech!) will soon be replaced with hardwood flooring.

But, in the process, we discovered this pesky pipe. You see, we've been noticing a teeny-tiny drip of water in the basement so we decided to open the wall up to check it out. Nothing. Didn't see any water, but the wood around the pipe was wet. We were perplexed.

Let me mention that my husband was born with the "I hate to pay anyone to do a job that I could easily do" gene.

Except that the last time he attempted a plumbing project, we had a MAJOR basement flood and ended up completely re-doing the basement. Not to be confused with the time our basement flooded last spring when the sump pump went to the pearly gates of sump pump heaven. Yes, that would be TWICE that the basement has flooded and we've had to replace everything.

We're a bit gun-shy of anything that might cause another basement flood! We literally cannot afford another flood.

But, that "I hate to pay anyone to do a job that I could easily do" gene still prevailed in my husband.

He did what most men would do...sought the advice of a 16 year old kid at Home Depot. Said kid recommended some epoxy covering.

I, having NO PROBLEM paying someone to fix what could prevent another basement flood, called a plumber today while Perry was at work.

Problem solved, pipe replaced, project can go on.

Turns out, the pipe had been nicked by a nail, probably back when the house was built 14 years ago. The plumber said he sees this all the time. It starts as a slooooowwwww drip and very quickly escalates. Because the pipes are in the walls, when it goes, it causes a lot of damage. Phew...I'm so glad we had it replaced.

And who knew that Joe the Plumber made so much money!!! :)


The Morris Family said...

Looking really good- love the wainscoting! Can picture it all decked out for a holiday gathering soon! Really can identify with you on "discovering" hidden problems- our home is 100 years old- you were wise to call the plumber!

Tammie said...

I love our men. But when they pull out that very special gene, I start to cringe. Good for you just jumping in & calling Joe the Plumber. BTW, I could have told you that Joe makes almost as much money as G-d. He stopped by my house last year when the root of my palm trees obstructed my water pipes.

Love the wainscotting! Perry can come renovate my house any day. Maybe he can decide upon a color of paint for my walls. 10 years later, & David & I are still trying to decide.

Vivian M said...

You did good. Dads are just as bad as hubbies by the way!
I think it is going to look amazing when it is finished!