Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday recap

I'm posting pictures of the pooches tonight because they are the only ones that got along today.

The kids pushed every button known to mom and their sibling today. It was a rough day. The kids were emotional and lost it at the drop of a hat. Carson's birthday party is tomorrow and while we're not having it at the house, all the kids are meeting up at the house to go to laser tag so the house needs to look somewhat presentable. Perry was gone all day at a football game so I was by myself. It was a stressful day.

I think Molly thinks she's part cat. Molly doesn't quite do the "I'm always so happy to see you" dance that Trixie does (and all our other dogs have done).

The Thunderchickens won again. Dang it. So, next weekend, when you should have started to see lovely hardwood floors and wainscoting here, my hubby will be at yet another football game. Someday it may look lovely, but for now, it'll look like this...complete with one lazy dog (by the staircase).

And to all the suggestions that we bring the team over to help with the floor...I mentioned that idea to Perry. He teaches in a pretty rough school. He thinks it best that the kids NOT know where he lives because (a) a lot of kids flunk his class and (b) they have a hard time keeping some of these kids OUT of jail. They might do a bit more than TP the house. :)


Vivian M said...

Aw hun, no one will care about your floor. It's you they will be coming to see, and they will remember the conversation, fun and maybe the yummy food. Or you could offer a lot of drink so they don't remember much (just kidding!).
If it really is bothering you, do you have a nice area rug in another part of the house that you could move there? Personally, I would leave it the way it is, and no one will be scratching your new floors!
And here is some unsolicited advice: buy those cheap stick on felt pads for the bottoms of your chairs, it will save your new hardwood floors from scratching. I know this from experience unfortunately.

Super Mommy said...

Those kind of days are the worst! At least the doggies behaved!! Hope you get your flooring soon - any way you can use a bribe?? ;)

Tammie said...

The dogs look so darn pathetic! How adorable. There's just something about a puppy laying down & looking all sweet & such.

Don't worry about the dining room. As Viv said, the company is coming to see you not the room.