Friday, January 9, 2009

Chinese New Year ideas?

I'm starting to plan our annual Chinese New Year party and turning to all of you in blogland for some ideas.

We'll have kids of all ages and I'd welcome any CNY activities you might have. And, I'd love to hear about your favorite Chinese recipes!

I'd also love to hear how your family will be celebrating!


Sandra said...

Well, you will have to have long noodles for long life and orange slices for good luck. That is a given :-)
I would give lucky money envelopes to the kids.

As far as crafts, making lanterns is fun and so is making fire works on black paper with sparkly glue :-)

Super Mommy said...

You are a brave soul Gretchen. I don't "do" parties at my place any more. We do however attend our FCC party and the local Chinese Community Center's event (we have a decent Asian population in Houston).

The first year Jade came home I did have a CNY get together at the house. We ordered in Chinese - Lo Mein, Steamed Dumplings, etc. I also made red eggs (boiled and dyed) and gave them to the guests as they left. If I remember correctly that is suppose to for prosperity.

The kiddos got the red envelopes and colored dragon masks.

Can't wait to see what you do!

Vivian M said... has wonderful and affordable CNY items and giveaways to make goody bags or decorate. We always give a red envelope with money in it for luck (I bought mine at a Chinese market place but I think the website above has them too).
If there are kids that do not know about the Chinese New Year, maybe borrowing a few books from the library and reading them a story might be fun (and educational). And you can always Google it, there may be free crafts out there.
Have fun!

Shaochun Ma said...

I pretty missed the Chinese new year celebration in your house during my study in SIUE.

Happy new year! Gretchen.