Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This...That...and the Other....

Just a few random thoughts:

  • My kids are off school AGAIN tomorrow. This will be the 4th snow day in 3 school weeks. Plus, add in 2 sick days for Carson during that same time period and I'm wondering if my kids will ever spend a full week in school again (or if the school year will end in July with all these makeup days added to the calendar).

  • It's ridicously cold here. It would be bearable if we actually had snow on the ground to enjoy while we sat inside drinking hot chocolate.

  • Can't drink hot chocolate on this diet....drat.

  • The 4 day diet jump start is almost over and has gone really well! The Sassy water is yummy and I'll keep drinking that. Perry has stuck with it, although it's been really easy for him...I've been doing all the work to put the food together...he just opens a bag and eats what's been prepared. In all fairness, he is downstairs at the moment preparing tomorrow's Sassy water! The next 4 weeks are less rigid but follow the same 4 400 calorie meal/snack scheme.

  • A new diet and PMS don't mix well, but I've stayed on track. Heck, I'd be crabby and miserable either way so I might as well just lump it all together.

  • Why do we need a uterus after the age of 40 (I realize some woman do want it and I respect that)? As far as I'm concerned, it's a big ol' pain in the neck these days for me. I really don't think I'll be needing it anytime soon. But, my good doctor assures me there are benefits to leaving it be (but he is a man, after all!).

  • My kids can't get along these days to save their lives. I'm about to lose my mind with all the fighting.

  • My mom kindly offered (after much begging on my part) to come stay with my kids tomorrow. THANK YOU, MOM!

  • I'm finally fed up enough with one of my kids' teacher to talk with the principal this week. I hate that I'm doing this because I feel there will be repercussions and it crosses a line that can't be un-crossed. It's been a rough year and things are not improving despite repeated attempts to resolve the issues alone with the teacher. I deal with overbearing parents all the time and I hate the thought that perhaps I might be seen the same way. OK, I deal with overbearing parents of college kids who need to start cutting the apron strings....guess it's a little different with an elementary student.

Hope all is well with my friends and family in bloggy-world. Stay warm!


Sandra said...

It is cold here too!!!! Brrr....

Good luck talking to the principal. It's a tough call, but you gotta do what you gotta do where your kids are concerned!

Vivian M said...

What is sassy water? Sounds interesting!
Good luck with the principal.
Hope the kids quiet down and that you can finally have some hot chocolate!

Tammie said...

What is Sassy water? And how could it possibly taste good? (I hate water.) Glad that the diet is working for you.

I asked my gyn for a hysterectomy when I was 35. I figured I can't get pregnant, but he gave me a song & dance about how I'm better off with it. What does HE know?

Taking the situation to the principal is always a last resort. If you've talked with the teacher, & it isn't resolved, then you have no other choice.

Super Mommy said...

The kids are going to have to stay in school an extra month at this rate! Sorry they aren't getting along . . . I'd image having a boy and a girly girl the kiddos don't share too many interests on their own! ;0) (insert mom intervention here)

Hope the dieting gets easier - I always have great intentions, but somehow haven't been able to make anything stick in a while.