Thursday, January 8, 2009

Elise's Drama Performance

Elise decided to join drama club at her school this year. We were THRILLED! She's so shy that we knew it would be a big step for her. She's loved the practices for this performance and has done quite a bit of practicing the songs at home.

The perfomance was scheduled for before Christmas, but was rescheduled due to a snow day. The kids had one last practice scheduled earlier this week...but THAT was cancelled due to a snow day. So, it had been a MONTH since the kids had practiced. But they did a great job!

Elise played the part of a hyena. We had a minor disaster as we were getting dressed tonight. She'd worn the brown tights over break and they sprung a run. Unbeknownst to me, Dad threw them away. Had I known, I would have picked up a new pair, but there was no time by the time I discovered this. She wasn't happy with the black tights.

Here she is "in costume" after the performance.

When I picked her up after the perfomance, she had a sullen look on her face and said, very quietly, "I didn't get any flowers." Fortunately, we'd learned that it's a BIG.DEAL to give the little girls flowers afterward. Perry had stopped by the grocery store (my instructions were to pick up a SINGLE flower but all they had were a dozen red roses) and had them waiting for her when we gathered as a family. She was THRILLED, and shared one of her flowers with a friend.

And see those folding seats behind her?

It did this to my phone. Nope, that's not the flash, it got crushed when I put the seat down. My phone was in my coat pocket (because my camera was in my purse). Big bummer. I ran to the cell store after the performance, hoping I'd purchased the insurance. No luck. I loved that phone. It keeps me organized and on top of my life. And guess what, they don't make that phone any more. RIP Mr. Phone. Sigh. So, I'm now the proud owner of a pink Blackberry but, boy, was it an expensive evening (and I did purchase an industrial strength protective cover AND insurance.) :(


Super Mommy said...

A moment of silence for the phone.

Okay - now can I just say Elise looks adorable!! I am so proud of her for participating - that's a big step!! Way to go Elise!!! BTW -the tights match her turtle neck - not really a fashion emergency!

Got video??????

Tammie said...

I'm so proud of Elise. Battling shyness is hard, but she is really working on it. I know that she was the star of the show.

Sorry to hear about the phone. I'd die if my Blackjack had an accident. My whole life is on it even though I don't use it for email or online stuff.

The Morris Family said...

Bravo Elise! The prettiest hyena, for sure, and though I am no expert, I think her black tights made her look more authentic...(aren't Hyenas brown with black?)
Ugh on the phone...makes you wonder what we did before all of these gadgets that are now such an integral part of daily life.

Sandra said...

Elise looks so cute!
Major bummer on the phone :-(

Vivian M said...

Elise looked beautiful in her black tights and brown dress! And bravo! It takes a lot of guts to put on a performance like that! Job well done.
As for the phone...I am so sorry for your loss. So now you have a crackberry, eh?

PIPO said...

You've got a beautiful hyena tights and all!

Yeah, my Treo was put out to pasture for a Blackberry Storm and I have to say after a rocky start, I am loving it. Enjoy your Blackberry, pink lady :0)