Wednesday, January 28, 2009


After 7 "snow" days this school year, we FINALLY got some snow!

This is our backyard. We got around 6 inches. It's nowhere near Syracuse standards (I hear they'll get about 14 inches from this storm) but it's a big downfall for this part of the country and we'll take it!

The kids had a ball sledding and playing in the snow...until they got bone cold frozen!

Even at the end of the day, Elise wanted to go out one last time.

And poor Trixie was confined to the backyard while the kids were playing in the front yard. She soooo wanted to join them. (Note that there is no picture of our beagle...who spent as little time as possible outside in the cold snow today! Trixie, on the other hand, lived outside today!)

Now that we've blown every possible snow day (the district only builds in 5 so who knows how of if they'll deal with the last 2), I'd say IT'S TIME TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!! For everyone's sanity....


Vivian M said...

LOL....I will post an updated picture on our blog of the mountains of snow we got last night!
Glad you finally got some snow and hope the kids go back to school soon so they can enjoy their summer!

Tammie said...

Gee I miss the snow! Of course I really just miss looking at it. I hated shoveling the stuff. They may call it powder, but that's heavy stuff!