Saturday, January 24, 2009

Completed project, a give-away and a change in the dining room

Like the title, I'm feeling a bit scattered this week. Too much to do, too little time...

Completed Project:

I did manage to get this project done. I've been wanting to do this with my kids since they were babies.

In case anyone is interested, I took side pictures of the kids and had them printed as 8x10's. (Yes, I took the pictures last summer and it took me that long to finish...problem with that?!?) Once developed, I just cut them out, traced onto black paper and mounted them in the frame. I thought it would be so much harder than it was...very easy project that I'm glad I finally finished.


These books were given to me by a family in the area. I already have these books and would be happy to pass them on to someone out there. If you are interested, drop me an e-mail with your snail mail address.

Change in dining room:

Remember how Perry was going to make a hutch for our revamped dining room? Turns out, he has a few other projects in the hopper. He wasn't feeling that jazzed about making the hutch and was worried he wouldn't do it justice (I wasn't worried, he does beautiful work). But, I want it done NOW and it'd likely be at least a year before he'd tackle it. So, we went furniture shopping.

Here's what we ended up with in the long run. This piece (and a matching sideboard that will come later) have a craftsman style that I really liked. (And I love the fact that Carson stuck his head in from the adjoining staircase just as I snapped the picture with a "whatcha doing, Mom?" typical!)

So, now I guess I'm officially an adult...or just old, whichever way you want to look at it. I have a place to leave out my good china...hopefully now we'll use it more often!


Tammie said...

I love the silhouettes you did of Carson & Elise. I have them of my family from when I was Elise's age. There was an artist who we spent the summers with. He did amazing stuff.

Your china hutch is beautiful! I can't wait to see the other piece.

Super Mommy said...

Those are great silhouettes!! That picture of your hutch and Carson are cute!!

The Morris Family said...

Okay, LOVE the silhouettes- what a great idea- yours turned out beautifully- definitely going to give that a try-
And your hutch is gorgeous! We love all things craftsman-(our house is craftsman) I had to show it to my husband-who also likes to do woodworking- though nothing that complex- yet...maybe someday...enjoy your new dining room!

Sandra said...

Well, aren't you crafty!?!?!

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

The silhouettes are fantastic!!!! What a great project! I'm going to give it a try too.

Love the hutch! I'm into the craftsman look too,

Vivian M said...

I love the art work and the hutch! Now you need to show off your pretty China!

Beverly said...

love the project. I want to do this with G one day soon maybe. I guess I have some time now, heh.

PIPO said...

Love those silhouettes...great job!

Yep, your library looks just like mine ;0)

The china cabinet is beautiful.